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Welcome to Nova Orthopedic and Spine Care

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Nova Orthopedic and Spine Care, established in 2000 in Prince William County is one of the most respected names in the field of orthopedic treatments and surgeries. We offer services of four eminent board certified orthopedic specialists. All our treatment and procedures are carried out using ultra modern non invasive technologies.

From the beginning our aim is to give professional services to our patients with a personal touch. So that they can always feel at home during the treatment, thus delivering a relaxing experience. We believe in the holistic approach of treatment by making sure that the all the problems are addressed comprehensively and our patient can go back to live their normal life.

Dr. LotfiPaymaun M. Lotfi, M.D.

Received his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia. Completing his Orthopedic training at the University of Illinois College of Medicine he served as Chief Medical Resident at Cook County Hospital. He obtained fellowship training in Spinal Surgery at Northwestern University Hospital Medical Center and is currently acting Director of the Spine Center at Sentara Potomac Hospital.

Dr. RichardRichard L. Layfield, III, M.D.

Graduated from the University of South Florida College of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He held the title of Chief Resident and completed fellowship training working with athletes and trainers of professional teams in Minnesota. Currently he serves as head team physician for the Prince William Courage Soccer Club and is a sports medicine consultant for area high schools.

Dr. CyrusCyrus M. Press, M.D.

Graduated with honors from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago in 2007. He remained in Chicago and completed his residency at the University of Illinois Medical Center, where he was Chief Resident of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. He recently completed a fellowship subspecialty at the Houston Health Science Center at the University of Texas with a specialty in shoulder and elbow reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Asheesh GuptaAsheesh Gupta, M.D.

Dr. Gupta completed his residency in 2012 at the University of Illinois Medical Center in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery where he participated in the coverage of the UIC Flames athletic program (Division I).

Trauma and Fracture Care

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Welcome to Virginia's Premier Orthopedic and Spine Care

Reasons for going to a General orthopedic – Experiencing a disorder in the skeleton system is extremely painful. In simple terms if you have any problem that is related to spine, neck, shoulder, elbow or hip you should consult a general orthopedic. With age some of these problems becomes even more painful, so if you are looking for a treatment. It’s wise to start early. Ignoring these problems in a child is taking a big risk with their future. Don’t ignore skeleton related injuries. Our top orthopedic surgeons give treatment for injuries like fracture, disorder and any deformity. Get an appointment with our local orthopedic doctors and return to a pain free life.

Treatment offered by Nova Orthopedic and Spine Care, in Virginia

Spine and back specialist in VA

If you are experiencing pain the back, either due to an injury or due to a reason you don’t know, start consulting a back pain specialist. It is one of the most important parts of our body and its health is vital for movements. Balancing the body and absorbing shock are its other main functions. In case of serious injuries disc replacement surgery may be needed. Injury in the spine can cause permanent paralysis of the body. Complex spinal surgery can be carried out in our cutting edge spine center. No matter how complex a problem is our orthopedic and spine specialist are capable of giving you a healthy back again. knee- Knee pain can be caused due to excessive strain on the knees. Physical activities like running or any other form of exercise can cause stretching in the ligaments resulting in this kind of strain. In extreme cases ligament fibers are completely tear apart. Serious form of knee pain can hamper one’s ability to walk. Doesn’t matter if a person is suffering from minor pain or from dislocation, immediate knee pain treatment should be given. In some cases knee joint replacement is required. Protect your knees and in case of any accident call the knee injury doctor and take care of your legs.

Elbow and tennis elbow treatment Virginia

Elbow is a delicate joint. It is the meeting point of three bones. Elbow injuries can be caused due to variety of reasons. Some of them are dislocation, fracture in an elbow or broken arm, injured Ulnar nerve, compressed radial nerve and tennis elbow etc. if the pain doesn’t go away after taking medicines and exercise, elbow surgery is the only way forward. For damaged joints elbow replacement surgery is done. Severe burning pain in the bone is the symptom of tennis elbow. Pain is mild in the beginning but worsens after some time. Tennis elbow treatment is a long procedure and take months for a complete recovery.

Shoulder shoulder replacement VA

It is a movable joint and comprises of three bones. Shoulder fracture can disrupt these joints and cause severe pain. One symptoms of shoulder injury is stiff shoulder. For a person suffering from stiff shoulder it is hard to rotate his arm fully. Shoulder is weak or injured if one is unable to carry the load as he or she is used to previously. If you feel that shoulder is getting out or sliding out of it’s place. Exercise or medicine is the remedy for some of these injuries. In other cases shoulder surgery is necessary. For arthritis shoulder replacement or reverse shoulder replacement is done.

Hip specialist and hip replacement surgery in Northern Virginia

Hip is another joint that is prone to injury. In case of a hip injury a person can feel pain in the buttocks, thigh or in hip joints (both inside and outside). Hip injury can also result in back pain. Cause of problem is diagnosed by doing hip arthroscopy. Sometimes medicine is injected directly in the hip muscles by hip joint injections. Main cause of pain in the hip is muscle strain. If broken hip or dislocation has occurred hip surgeon has to conduct hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement procedure includes replacement of painful joint with artificial joints.