Patient Testimonials

Paymaun Lotfi, M.D

I went to see Dr. Lotfi for a serious spine condition. Dr. Lotfi took his time, was very empathetic and his careful explanation of everything that was happening to me gave my wife and I comfort. We decided to have the procedure done (C2-T2 spinal laminectomy with fusion). The outcome could not have been any better. Dr. Lotfi is a skilled surgeon but his interpersonal skills are off the chart!  I highly recommend anyone who has a spinal issue to see Dr. Lotfi.
He is a wonderful physician and one you can trust.

-Luis Ferrao
August 31, 2016

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion LTIF

A year ago, prior to meeting Dr Lotfi, I was in constant pain. My husband had to help me walk whenever I went somewhere. I found just the attempt to turn around or twist my body produced unbearable pain. I saw a number of doctors before I was referred to Dr Lotfi.

The very first time in his office he immediately diagnosed my condition. Dr Lotfi recommended pain management which was
then followed by physical therapy. My condition improved for some time but then began to deteriorate. I returned to Dr. Lotfi and reviewed my condition. His prognosis of what I had to look forward to in the future caused me great concern. He then patiently explained all my alternatives that were available. Only when I was ready and felt comfortable did we agreed upon major surgery. But he never pressured me into any course of action.

Since my surgery my condition has improved a 1000 percent. I can smile again. I tell everyone I know with back pain to go see him. I can't say enough about his thoroughness and professionalism. I enjoyed having him as my physician, his patience and demeanor.

-Mary Croxton, Stanford VA
Nov, 18 2009

Condition Lumbar Stenosis

I had been suffering with lower back pain for more than two years. With each passing month the pain was getting worse. I went from one doctor to the next and no one could diagnose the cause of my problem. My condition continued to get worse, painfully worse.

Then I remembered that 10 years ago a friend of mine had a similar problem. She was seen by a new physician who had just completed his training and was starting his own practice in orthopedic medicine. Like me my friend had trouble finding someone who could alleviate her painful condition. After one surgical procedure she was relieved all pain and associated symptoms. I did not know where this doctor was located but I remembered his name. I searched for him on the internet. I found that Dr. Lotfi’s office was only 30 miles away so I called and made an appointment.

Unlike some of my other my other physician encounters I found him to be kind and attentive to my problem. There was no skepticism that the pain was in my head. He did not hesitate to order me an MRI. Upon reading the study he immediately diagnosed my problem as Lumbar stenosis. He then carefully explained to me my options, the pros and cons of each treatment plan. But in the end he left the decision up to me. I chose Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery for Total Lumbar IF. The surgery turned out to be a great success and my pain was gone immediately. I was thrilled with the results

I was pleased with the straight forward manner of Dr Lotfi, his ability to render the correct diagnosis when others had failed to do so. The professionalism and quality of care I received was impressive. As someone with a nursing background and more than 25 years of experience I know when good care is rendered. I highly recommend Dr Lotfi to anyone who is struggling with pain for reasons no one else can seem to explain.

- Nikou Afshan
Sept 25, 2009

Dear Dr Lotfi:

Two weeks ago you operated on my aching back. Today I am not only pain free, but have resumed a normal life. I am exercising on a tread mill and within reason can move around without pain. Kindly accept my thanks for making this possible. I appreciate your medical expertise and above all the care you have shown for my welfare and making me comfortable.

I wish you the best for your professional and personal life. Than you again for giving me back my life.

- Christel H Gallager
Nov 17, 2008

Lumbar Stenosis and Spinal Injections

I have been suffering with lower back pain for years. I know I have arthritis so it was expecting my condition to be uncomfortable from time to time. I would just live with it.

However I was beginning to have trouble sleeping as the pain was constant and getting worse. I was familiar with NOVA Orthopedic and Spine Care because I had been previously treated by Dr. Layfield for bursitis of the shoulder. When I asked for a visit for my lower back pain he referred me to his partner Dr. Lotfi who specializes in problems of the spine.

Dr. Lotfi’s first recommendation was physical therapy along with a prescription for pain. After six weeks my condition improved dramatically. However as time went by my pain returned and was reluctant to rely on pain medications. Dr. Lotfi recommended that I consider spine injections for my condition. After some thought, I agreed to the procedure.

I must say the results have been remarkable. I am able to return to a normal life routine again. The severity of the pain is gone. This is the best I have felt in years. My energy level is high again. I have recommended Dr. Lotfi to all my friends. His reputation for excellent care has been recognized by his peers and is well justified based upon my experience.

- Louise Mueller
Oct 28, 2009

Richard Layfield, M.D.

Dear Dr. Layfield,

This letter is way overdue, but I really wanted to take the time to thank you for your excellent care of me throughout the past four years.  With your expertise and caring attitude, I have done very well through my shoulder and knee surgeries with you.  Not only are you an excellent surgeon, but your kindness and generosity makes you an exceptional person.  I appreciated your offer to accept what my insurance paid, even though it was out-of- network.  You also have a wonderful and friendly staff, and it has been easy to get an appointment that works with my schedule.  In addition, you also have an excellent physical therapy staff that has done a wonderful job getting me back to normal again.  I feel very fortunate to have found you and your staff so close to home.

I wish you so much success and happiness, because you truly deserve it.

G. Harris
August  10, 2013

In June 2011, I was referred to you because of a shoulder injury. You performed surgery on the shoulder rotator cuff. I have since fully recovered with 100% mobility in the right arm. In April of this year, I needed surgery on the left shoulder. Again, you performed the surgery and I am well on my way to a full recovery. I feel confident I will get 100% mobility back in my left arm. I appreciate your professionalism and consider myself very lucky to have been referred to you. You and your staff are to be commended on your caring attitude. I have and will continue to recommend friends and associates to use your services. Again, thank you for the effective care I have received from you.

- D. Bennett
30 July 2013

My name is Judy and I have been a patient of Dr. Layfield’s since 2005. I would like to first say Dr. Layfield is a very caring doctor who has been wonderful for me. I have had three knee surgeries (2 on my left and 1 on my right) and all have been very successful. I tore my meniscus in both knees and have arthritis in both knees. I have gone a few times to have the fluid drained on my left knee and to get a shot of cortisone. I will probably need total knee replacement further down the road but for now, I am doing well. Dr. Layfield also performed carpal tunnel surgery on both my wrists, a month apart and it was the best surgery I have ever had. The recovery time was very short. I was using my wrists almost immediately. I have recommended Dr. Layfield to many friends and they have been very happy with him also. Please call Dr. Richard Layfield if you need any kind of joint or sport surgery.

- Judy

Asheesh Gupta, M.D.

Dr. Gupta is a great professional doctor who really knows what he's doing. He helped repair my hip that was causing me great pain for 3 years. During our first appointment Dr. Gupta was able to identify the problem going on with my hip before seeing my MRI results showing a problem. He was compassionate and worked with me by explaining the problem and the treatment I needed very clearly. Very polite and courteous doctor who truly works with you to find a solution for hip related pains. Would give him a 5 star rating and recommendation!

Stephanie S.

Dr. Gupta, I have surgery a few months ago to repair a labral tear in my hip. I was in a lot of pain prior to the surgery and had lost a lot of mobility. The surgery went very well, I can’t recommend the surgery center enough. It was so nice not to have to step foot in a hospital! I am about 100% recovered and I am certainly doing 100% better than I was before surgery. Dr Gupta was professional and nice and easy to deal with as were his staff and nurses. Thanks!


I had right knee surgery in June and I must confess that I was extremely nervous. However Dr. Gupta built my confidence. He is so kind-hearted and an amazing individual. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have stuck through my whole procedure. I can't thank him enough. He is truly a blessing.


I was having pain in my right hip, came to Dr Gupta he found that I had a labral tear. Once in the surgery room during the procedure he found that I had little to no cartilage around my bone, this changed some of what was originally schedule to do in surgery. However he has done a awesome job and taking care of me and keeping me updated on everything. I would Highly recommend him !!! Thank you, I am feeling 100% better.


Thank you Dr. Gupta, I am now pain free due to the hip arthroscopy he performed. He is very professional and thorough in explaining any questions one might have.


Dr. Gupta performed Hip Arthroscopy to repair a labral tear. After two years of pain, I am pain free days after surgery. Dr. Gupta took time to explain the procedure to me, answered my questions, and showed genuine concern for how I was cared for at the hospital. I can't recommend him enough! I feel fortunate to have our paths cross. Thank you, Dr. Gupta!


I came to Dr Gupta with left knee pain. He recommended surgery to fix my knee. I had the sutgety and my knee is 100 percent better. I highly recommend him to anyone. Hr is a true professional and a great doctor.


In November 2014, I tore the cartilage (meniscus) on both sides of my left knee and had concerns about returning to an active lifestyle in the future. During appointments with Dr. Gupta, I found that he listens carefully, willingly shares information about the diagnosis and surgical procedure, and will patiently answer all questions. Prior to the surgery, I had thoroughly researched Dr. Gupta's credentials and was very impressed with his training, extensive research in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine and his many professional presentations. I was absolutely confident in his excellent surgical skills. Dr. Gupta has joined a highly respected orthopedic medical practice in Northern Virginia. If a patient chooses to work with Dr. Gupta, that patient will be in very good hands!


Dr. Gupta performed my knee surgery last month. He is very professional and personable. I would highly recommend him! Thank you Dr. Gupta!


Dr. Gupta may be young, but obviously taught well, he repaired the Labrum in my rt hip and I was up and around in 2 weeks with no braces or assistance, could've saved on not giving my ok on a very expensive brace. I would recommend Dr. Gupta to anyone


Cyrus M. Press, M.D.

My experience with NOVA Orthopedic has been wonderful. After having lived with pain for quite some time, I consulted with Dr. Press concerning my painful arm and shoulder.  He carefully evaluated my condition and advised surgery.  Although hesitant, I felt comfortable with  Dr. Press and agreed to the procedure.  He performed the surgery two weeks ago at Sentara Hospital.  I am already using my arm well and  have little or no pain.

I since talked with several persons who had the same surgery and their stories were not so positive ------ slow recovery, lots of pain, swelling etc.....and these persons are younger than I am (73).  I am convinced that Dr. Press' surgical skill is the reason I am recovering so well ,  I give him a 5star rating on every  level ----- his skills and his friendly, professional bedside manner.

I also want to mention that I was impressed with the staff, they all seem to be in a good mood,  the atmosphere in the office is positive and  patient friendly.


Brigitte Matthews, Manassas, VA  June 28th, 2016

Dr. Press is truly one of the best physicians I have ever been to. He sat down with me and explained everything about my issues during my appointment with him. He was very patient (even with all my questions) and made me feel comfortable with the plan of care. I would recommend Dr. Press to ANYONE! Especially if they have any shoulder problems


Dr. Press is wonderful. My shoulder replacement improved the quality of my life considerably. Thank you!


have been seeing Dr. Press for a year now. Since day one, I have never felt more comfortable or confident having my surgery done by anyone else. He was very thorough, respectful and overall someone I could call a friend if he wasn't my doctor. Since my surgery in December, he was there for me. Both through physical and emotional times. his positive attitude helped me realize everything will be OK even though after my accident I had no one to trust. I would highly recommend him and if for some reason I ever had another accident, he will be my first call. I cannot explain enough how GOOD he is. Thank you Dr. Press and best of luck to your practice.


Dr. Press is an excellent doctor. I never have to wait to see him for my appointments. Dr. Press always has excellent bedside manners. I would recommend him to people I know that needed surgery in his field of practice.


Dr. Press is always in a great mood and cheerful. Somehow he makes a visit to the doctor a fun experience while still remaining very professional.


Dr. Press provided me with the most comprehensive and professional medical experience I have ever had. His knowledge, personality and ability to explain gave me great confidence in his surgical expertise and the results were better than expected. Post surgery care was outstanding as well!


I never EVER give 5 stars as I there is always room for improvement. That said - Dr. Cyrus Press went above and beyond to get me to my current state. Background - I tore my distal bicep tendon on Dec 15th. With some research and phone calls I was able to schedule a visit with Dr. Press that same week, He informed me about the severity of my injury, but also calmed me down. Since it was close to the end of 2014, I expressed to Dr. Press that I wanted my surgery done before the end of the year. He said he HOPED to have my surgery done before the end of year and sort of promised he would do it on NYE if needed.

I had my surgery on Dec 29th with a follow up the following week. Dr. Press has been nothing, but friendly and has provided plenty of information and inspiration towards my rehabilitation. I RECOMMEND DR. PRESS 100% for shoulder/elbow/arm injuries. He know what he's doing