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General orthopedic Treatment in Woodbridge Virginia available at Nova Orthopedic and Spine Care

Any problem that is related to shoulder, spine, neck, elbow or hip requires an orthopedic treatment. For example if you have pain in the joints start consulting an orthopedic doctor. If the treatment is started early chances are that you may not require surgery at all. However, in some cases surgery becomes a necessity. You can easily find orthopedic surgeons on the internet. Today, arthroscopy is conducted before the treatment. It gives clear idea about the problem. Arthroscopic surgery in Woodbridge is quite common. Always take services of top orthopedic surgeons Woodbridge, even if you have to spend a little bit more. Orthopedic surgery specialist will help you in getting back to a normal life.

Spine/back treatments in Woodbridge, Virginia

Any injury or pain in the back can be serious. Ask any back doctor he or she will tell you that ignoring pain today will cause more problems in the future. Lumbar spine pain is caused due to herniated disc. Some motions can cause slip disc. Pain in the disc space is the result of degenerative disc disease. Disc replacement surgery is done for replacing it with artificial one. Replacement disc surgery should only be done when no other option is left. Healthy Spine/Back is necessary for movements. They help in running and lifting weight. Back pain specialist Woodbridge will find out the cause of the problem for starting the treatment. In extreme cases back surgery is done. Back surgeon will help you in recovering fully from your pain. If the problem is in spine and spinal surgery is needed. Spinal specialists are there for your help.

Knee injuries treatment

According to knee doctor’s application of excessive force on the knees is responsible for knee joint pain or damage. Force causes fracture or tearing of ligaments, resulting in pain. Some common knee injuries are fracture, dislocation, collateral ligament injuries, anterior & posterior cruciate ligament injuries and meniscal & tendon tears. Knee pain treatment can be done either by surgical or nonsurgical methods. For example knee joint replacement in Woodbridge is a common surgical treatment.

Elbow treatment center

Three points meet at the elbow joint. Elbow consists of bones, ligaments and fluids. Problem in any of them can cause elbow pain. Some common elbow injuries are ULC or ulnar collateral ligament injury, Bursitis and tennis elbow. Bursitis is caused when edge of the elbow is severely hit. Tennis elbow results in burning pain inside the elbow. Consistent use of extensor muscle is the main reason behind tennis elbow. In early stages, tennis elbow treatment is done using fairly simple ways things like ice, compression and taking rest. Medication is necessary in advanced stages. Treatment of Golfer’s elbow is also similar to that of tennis elbow. In some cases, however, elbow surgery is necessary.


Any type of pain that originates from shoulder and surrounding area is called shoulder pain. Shoulder’s surgery is needed in some places while medication is enough for others. Problems in chest can also sometime cause shoulder pain. Some other causes are shoulder fracture, tendinitis or tendon tear, instability and arthritis. Another painful situation is shoulder dislocation, when shoulder comes out of its socket. Reverse shoulder replacement is done for persons suffering from shoulder arthritis because in this case total shoulder replacement does not work effectively and may increase pain. If movement of shoulder is restricted than rotator cuff repair is required. Shoulder replacement is Woodbridge can be easily done thanks to the availability of experienced doctors.


Hip pain originates from buttocks and can extend up to thighs. Hip arthroscopy is the best way of diagnosing root cause of the problem. Also hip joint injections are given for pain relief and for diagnosing source of pain. In case of a broken hip, hip surgeon has to conduct surgeries. All kinds of hip replacement surgery in Woodbridge are available.