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General Orthopedic in McLean, VA

If the problem is occurring in neck, shoulder, spine, elbow or hip, it needs orthopedic treatment. The problem can be of any type, it can be pain, or an injury due to an accident or any kind of deformity. The first thing that you need to do is go to the nearby orthopedic clinic and start consulting orthopedic physicians as soon as the pain begins. Starting treatment early means orthopedic doctors can cure the pain by medication. If this is not the case orthopedic surgery specialist in McLean will have to operate the joint. Don’t ignore even minor pain. It might lead to bigger problems in the future. Get appointment with your local orthopedic doctors for commencing the treatment.

Treating Spine/back pain

Back pain may look harmless in the beginning. You might feel like you are tired and it can be ignored. Doing so can have serious repercussions in the future. There are many types of pains in the back. For example upper middle back pain and lower back pain etc. Different problems require different treatments. To treat lower back pain you need to take rest, do some exercises and take medications. Replacement disc surgery might also be required in some cases for restoring normal functionality. Neck is also part of back. Neck injury and any problem in its parts like muscles, ligaments or nerves etc can cause pain in the neck. Neck pain treatment is started by giving reliever, therapy and if necessary surgery is done. For a person suffering from pain in the spine he or she should ask for an appointment in the nearest spine and pain center. Any orthopedic and spine specialist will tell you that spine is a very delicate and complex part of human body. So, make sure that spine center should have the best spine surgeons. Best back and spine doctor in McLean can easily handle any case.

knees Treatment center McLean

Applying extreme force by knees or on the knees can cause pain by damaging its part. According to knee doctors due to force, a fracture can occur or ligament can get ruptured. In any case start consulting with your knee injury doctor. Doctors for knee pain diagnose it root cause by using techniques like X-ray, MRI and blood test. If exercises and medicines are not enough, surgeries like knee replacement are done. Arthroscopic knee surgery is done by inserting cameras and tools inside the knees. Whether you need medicines or surgery knee specialist McLean will give you the best available treatment.

Elbow replacement and surgery in Mclean

Bones, ligaments and nerves are some of the major constituents of an elbow. Pain can be caused due to problem in any of these parts. Tennis elbow, Golfers’s elbow and damaged Ulnar collateral ligament can cause severe pain. Elbow surgery is necessary in some of these cases. Tennis elbow surgery includes cutting or removing of inflamed tissues form the tendon. Golfers elbow is also treated in the similar manner. Tendonitis elbow treatment is done by surgery if medicines are unable to contain the pain. If surgery is an absolute necessity elbow replacement in McLean is done by experienced doctors.

Shoulder dislocation treatment

Like in any other situation some cases of shoulder pain needs medicines while other may requires surgery. Shoulder pain can also be caused by any difficulty in the chest area. Injuries, fracture, tearing of tendons, arthritis and shoulder dislocation can also cause pain. Shoulder dislocation treatment includes putting the shoulder back in the socket. When head of upper arm bone is forced out of the shoulder socket it causes shoulder instability. If shoulder movement can’t be controlled than rotator cuff repair is required. Labral repairs are carried out by surgery and by giving anti-inflammatory medication. Shoulder doctor in McLean can take care of any shoulder related issue.

Hip replacement center McLean

Buttocks are the main source of hip pain. Thighs can also experience pain due to problem in the hips. Hip endoscopy is done for diagnosing problems by doing small incisions. Hip replacement procedure involves replacing damaged cartilage with new joint material. MAKOplasty or total hip replacement is done by hip surgeons on patients suffering from degenerative joint disease. Any kind of hip operation McLean can be done easily thanks to availability of trained professionals.